Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Samurai Siege Cheats

Hello everyone, I have developed a hack for one of the best smart phone games, Samurai Siege! The hack will get you unlimited amount of Coins, Essences and Diamonds. As you seen in the video above I have generated 999,999,999 of each.
Please DO NOT generate too big amount that since it may get you banned.

Samurai Siege Cheats Tool V1:

So How does this Samurai Siege Cheats works ?

As it is smart phone game and the hack is for PC/Mac you will need to connect the hack to the game somewhere, we have only one option now.

  1. Connect your device to the computer.
After connecting your device, click "Detect" and let the tool detect your device.
This hack using some exploit found by me that lets you edit your Coins, Diamonds and Essences values, cant expose more. The program is being updated from time to time to keep it working!   

What do you have to know about this Samurai Siege Cheats ?

As most of my hacks, the hack been developed at Visual Studio and you might need Net Framework to use it. This is only the first version of the hack and we're working on V2 that will have the feature to make it work with other smart phones connected to you'r computer like Galaxy, Lumia etc. The hack might ask you to give permission so it will be able to check if iPhone is connected to computer or not, in this case please click "Allow Permission".


The file is locked to protect from bots and abusers. Less People use it the better will be the performance of this software. In this way we make sure that only those who really need this hack will get it.